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My name is Arlette Veldman, I have been a Personal STOTT® Pilates trainer since 2005. Pilates focusses on restoring the natural curve of our spine by building core muscle strength. I am teaching Pilates because it WORKS.

It WORKS for everybody! Male, female, young, old, fit, recuperating, trained, untrained, topsporters and couchpotatoes! We all benefit from core muscle strength because it makes us feel stable, balanced and supported by our own bodies. It prevents injuries and is very complementing to other sports like running, cycling, hockey, golf etc.

So please do not hesitate and drop me an email to make an appointment for a try out class.

Pilates Company Breda

  • Pilates Company Breda works according to the STOTT®Pilates Principles.
  • Classes last for an hour and will give you a beneficial and complete workout.
  • Classes will be given by a STOTT® educated, experienced trainer, which will guarantee a safe, customized and balanced training.
Individual or Duo training on the mat. We will use ball's, elastics, foam rollers or other "props" to ensure optimal training results for every individual.
Individual training on the STOTT® reformer, which is a tool to help you benefit from your exercises in the most optimal way. Thanks to the way the machine is built, muscle-groups can be isolated and trained without any strain on joints.
Hope to see you soon,
AJ Veldman

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